Turfing Surrey

Turfing Surrey

If you require a professional landscaping consultant for the transplantation of hard-wearing and durable turf, we have a wide and diverse array of specially grown, purpose-cultivated turfing Surrey.

No matter whether you wish to design a brand-new sports pitch or lawn or maybe simply looking for a garden renovation, being one of the most trusted turf suppliers in the vicinity and with a wealth of knowledge of the surroundings, we can help you explore the available options and select the most ideal turf.

We are a handful of sellers in the UK who know the inside and out of all sorts of turf plantation and maintenance jobs. Our customers range from homeowners, sportspersons, bowlers, and golfers, who have a pretty hectic schedule and no time for turf maintenance. We also sell ornamental turfing Surrey for both domestic and business clients.

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Our team of veteran installers will perform an in-depth on-site survey in the first place and estimate how much turf will be required. We will also guide you on the best practices for both pre- and post-treatment treatment of your newly installed turf. You can purchase different kinds of lawn fertilisers from us as well. Our experts will guide you on how and when to use them.

Our civil engineers will evaluate your site, rake the ground, level the surface, and even rotavate your soil if required. Our land preparation unit will ensure complete removal of unwanted weeds, shrubs, and rubble from your land. Finally, your custom-ordered lawn will be laid, leaving you and your neighbours with a lush green pitch along with enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

Admittedly, the installation of the turfing Surrey is a messy and complicated process, but with our talented team of seasoned landscapers, you are assured complete peace of mind and hassle-free experience. In addition to our growing customer base of satisfied homeowners, we have teamed up with several sports organisations and housing developers in the past for laying and maintaining commercial-grade turfs.

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